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We invest as much into our relationships with our customers as we do our tech and web knowledge. That’s a lot.

Tech and web trends are moving faster than ever. But we don’t mind, because we’ve been doing this for over 20 years and never tire of keeping up with what’s new and what’s coming next. We’ve found some fine apps, systems and software for our own business, to make us more efficient and give you the best possible service. And we do that for you, delivering what you need to work smarter and be more competitive, all within your budget.

We’re innovative, hard-working and our attitude is never any less than professional. We’re only happy when you’re completely satisfied with our service, and call us with confidence because you know we’ll deliver.

It’s why so many customers stick with us. Even our very first.

Meet the team!

David SilvesterDirector
David Silvester is founder and owner of Qwerty IT Services Ltd.

Alison HogganMarketing
Alison works as marketing director and manages our online presence.


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Can you fix an apple ipad. Which has locked us out and because we can’t remember our apple id account, or our password it will not let us in. Have contacted Apple and they tell me unless I have a proof of purchase for out ipad they cannot help us. So basically it’s of no use to us. It was fine the day before, we woke the next day and it had a message for authentication it’s been like that ever since. Can you help your our only option as the apple genius will not unlock it.

Just sending you an email about this now.