Business Continuity Plan

In light of the recent Corona virus outbreak, we have put together a business continuity plan to ensure we can continue to provide reliable IT support services to our clients. As the situation currently stands it is looking increasingly likely that there may be a requirement for businesses and individuals to self-isolate and furthermore, there may be situations where key personnel are taken ill and unable to provide the required services.

Impact Assessment

We have looked at the key areas of our business that could be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and documented the following points:

  • Site visits – In cases where we have to visit clients sites there may be a risk of contamination due to the nature of the virus – our staff could unknowingly be passing on the virus or vice versa. Furthermore, if we are advised to self-isolate there could be a scenario where we are unable to visit client sites.
  • Remote support – If the situation changes we may only be able to provide support remotely in cases where we cannot make site visits for whatever reason. This may include being self-isolated but also may include clients being self-isolated or instructed to work from home.
  • Key personnel risk – As our business relies on a small number of key personnel there could be scenarios where those key personnel are taken ill, in which case the effective provision of IT support services could be interrupted if no action is taken.
  • Key information risk – As we hold sensitive information on behalf of clients it is possible this information could become inaccessible if our key personnel were taken ill.

Continuity Response

We have looked at each area where the business could be impacted as per the above notes. For each area, we have put in place measures to prevent these situations from causing a major problem for our business and the level of support we are able to provide to our clients.

Key measures to ensure the provision of consistent and effective IT Support services

  • Site visits – we will liaise with clients on an individual basis to discuss sensible precautions being taken with regard to site visits. We will adhere to the highest levels of hygiene at all times both when operating from our office locations and in particular when visiting client sites including the use of anti-bacterial hand-gel before and after visiting client sites.
  • Remote support – We will continue to provide remote support services as normal. We will also liaise with clients on an individual basis in order to set up additional remote support capabilities so that we can provide effective support services in cases where key personnel are self-isolated. We have undertaken general testing of remote support service provision and can comfortably provide remote support services to any client with windows based devices that have an active internet connection. These support services can be provided on a remote-only basis even when no prior setup has been undertaken.
    • Lack of internet connection – In cases where the client has no internet connection we will liaise directly with the internet provider to resolve the connectivity issues before undertaking any further remote support as required.
    • Hardware failure – In cases of hardware failure, or other scenarios where remote support is not sufficient we can arrange for courier services to transport equipment to and from our offices for further diagnosis and repair (Only applicable in extreme circumstances where one or both parties are under self-quarantine).
  • Key personnel risk – In cases where our key personnel become incapable of carrying out support services to our clients we have put in place a third party qualified IT support provider who would be able to carry out support services on our behalf. This provided is a trusted partner of Qwerty IT Services Ltd and has been briefed on the level of support required as well as key operating procedures. For data security reasons the provider will not be given access to any sensitive information unless or until this has been agreed on a per-client basis and in the event that this measure has to be activated.
  • Key information risk – Client information is available to several members of the internal team at Qwerty IT Services Ltd in order to ensure that client information is accessible and transferable by each member of staff. This ensures that in the event of a member of staff becoming critically ill or in a position where they are not able to speak directly with clients, client information still remains accessible and transferable. Should clients wish to have direct, and secure, access to business-critical IT information that we hold on file for the respective client, they can contact us directly to arrange this access – for the provision of which we already have secure and tested measures in place.