SSD Upgrade Competition

To celebrate 4 years of business in Perth we are doing a competition to give away a free SSD performance upgrade to two lucky winners.

The prize includes a brand new solid state drive as well as the labour required to fit the drive, clone the existing operating system and data and also to collect and return the computer or laptop that is to be upgraded.

What is an SSD drive?

For anyone who has not heard of an SSD drive, it stands for solid state drive and it is a replacement to the standard hard drive found in computers and laptops. Unlike a standard hard drive, an SSD stores the data on a microchip and this data can be accessed much faster than in a traditional drive that uses a magnetised spinning disk.

Why do I need an SSD drive?

SSD drives are much faster than traditional drives. The computer can access and write data to an SSD drive roughly 10 times faster than it can a normal drive. This results in a practical improvement of roughly 200% to the performance and speed of your computer.

To put this into real terms, the average computer takes around 2 minutes from turning it on to being ready to use. Once you have upgraded the computer with an SSD drive this time will be reduced to around 30-40 seconds.

Find out more about SSD drives – SSD Upgrades

Read the competition terms and conditions – Terms and Conditions

Call us about SSD upgrades - 01738 479 564

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