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Get visible and stay ahead of the competition with Qwerty IT digital marketing

With a smart online marketing strategy for your business, you can create a stronger online presence and drive new customers to your website, whether they’re local, throughout the UK or overseas. Especially useful if your website isn’t ranking as highly as your competitors’. But if the mere mention of Adwords, PPC and SEO make you want to turn around and run, stick around – we’re going to make this easy.

PPC monthly package
(Pay per click, because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad)

We’re Google Partners, tested and certified, which means we’re a dab hand at creating cost-effective AdWords campaigns that get your products and services in front of target customers. We find out where customers are searching online, then create optimised paid ads around the keywords they use – products, services and locations – so they find your business in an instant.

Once customers click on your ad, they’re taken to your website, and that’s when you pay.  But, with a controlled budget and customised strategy, we make the most of your PPC spend. Make sure your web pages are filled with the information needed to convert passing traffic into customers, and sales will soon be on the up.

We track, analyse and report results, then refine your ads to make them work even better.

Get your Google AdWords campaign started today and we’ll give you £75.00 of advertising credit*. Price start from £50.00 per month.

*Applies only to new customers.

SEO monthly package
(Search engine optimisation - making it easier for search engines to find you)

Trying to get your website ranking highly on Google but no further ahead? We do a full web audit then come back to you with a plan of attack that will see your site skipping pages ahead of the competition.

We build websites, so know exactly where to look to check your current SEO, from technical to analytics and page content itself. From there we develop an SEO strategy that will start turning things around now and ensure your business stays visible in the future.

Prices start at £250 per month

Package includes on-page optimization of up to 10 pages per month as well as strategic offsite content marketing. Ask about our optional content strategy.

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