Affordable Domestic Rates

We have fixed and affordable charges for the most common types of computer repairs which you can see in the pricing table below. You can request pricing for anything not covered in this list.

Service Description Rate (Excluding VAT)
Computer & Laptop Repair
Computer servicing, virus removal & general updates £120.00
Advanced troubleshooting and repair £150.00
Operating system reload - customer collection £140.00
Operating system reload - including return and setup £170.00
New computer setup and data transfer (Customer purchased) £190.00
Power supply replacement £120.00
Laptop hardware replacement (Not including parts) £120.00
Laptop complex hardware replacement (Not including part) £180.00
Secure Data Cleansing (With Certificate) £40.00
Apple Mac Repairs
Servicing and software changes £125.00
Advanced software troubleshooting and changes £150.00
Operating system reload (Including icloud data restore) £150.00
Standard Operating system upgrades (Upgrading 1-2 versions) £150.00
Standard Operating system upgrades (Upgrading 3+ versions) £220.00
New Apple device setup + data transfer £235.00
Simple hardware replacements (Not including parts) – max two hours labour £120.00
Complex hardware replacements (Not including parts) – 2 hours + labour £160.00
iMac hardware replacement (Standard parts kit) (tools, tape, temperature sensor) £100.00
iMac SSD upgrade (including 500gb SSD, upgrade kit, operating system clone or reload) £350.00
Home WiFi Setup
Home Wi-Fi audit £60.00
Ubiquiti wireless access points £75.00
Devolo 1000mbps dual port pass through power-line adaptors (per adaptor) £60.00
WiFi system Installation £125.00
Data transfer (Customer provides USB flash drive)
Up to 50GB £50.00
Up to 100GB £75.00
Up to 200GB £100.00
201GB – 2000GB £125.00
Data transfer (Including USB flash drive)
Up to 15GB £45.00
Up to 30GB £65.00
Up to 60GB £85.00
60GB – 500GB £150.00
500GB+ POA
Data recovery
Standard (Software based recovery) £90.00
Intermediate (Lab-based software recovery) £175.00
Advanced (Requiring physical repair + recovery) £325.00
Advanced plus (Requiring donor components and chip-level recovery) £425.00
External drive charges for recovered data
32GB Pen Drive £5.00
64GB Pen Drive £10.00
128GB Pen Drive £15.00
1TB External USB drive £50.00
2TB External USB drive £70.00
4TB External USB drive £90.00
SSD Upgrades
120GB SSD Upgrade £165.00
256GB SSD Upgrade £185.00
500GB SSD Upgrade £205.00
1TB SSD Upgrade £225.00
2TB SSD Upgrade £295.00
SSD Upgrades + Operating system reload
120GB SSD Upgrade + Operating system reload £195.00
256GB SSD Upgrade + Operating system reload £215.00
500GB SSD Upgrade + Operating system reload £235.00
1TB SSD Upgrade + Operating system reload £255.00
2TB SSD Upgrade + Operating system reload £325.00
New Computer Supply and Installation Service
Basic (sourcing and supply only) £105.00
Standard (sourcing, software install, data transfer, customer collects) £200.00
Premium (sourcing, software install, data transfer, home delivery and setup, disposal of old computer) £300.00
Disposal of old computer (Addon for basic and standard packages) £25.00
Disposal of old computer including secure data erasure (Addon for basic and standard packages) £50.00
Custom Computer Build Service
Sourcing, build, test, delivery and setup (+ Cost of parts) £400.00
Bitdefender for Windows and Mac (Yearly) £66.00
Each additional Bitdefender license for Windows and Mac (Yearly) £32.58
Qwerty Webmail email account (Yearly) £34.99
Optional Extras
Wireless keyboard and mouse £35.00
24″ flat screen monitor £120.00
Microsoft office home & student £105.00
Microsoft office home & business £205.00
Microsoft office professional £360.00
office 365 personal (yearly subscription) £53.99
Other Services
Windows forgotten password recovery £40.00
Hourly rates
Home callouts £70/hour
Workshop repairs £40/hour
Minimum charge + Diagnostics fees
Minimum charges for remote support and home visits 1 hour
Diagnostics fee (Chargable if you decide not to go ahead with a drop-in repair) £40
Secure Cloud Data Backup (Yearly)
Up to 50GB £75
Up to 100GB £125
Up to 250GB £195
Up to 500GB £315
Up to 1TB £495

All prices will be subject to VAT at 20% unless otherwise stated.

A discount of up to 30% will be applied when multiple services are combined.