Computer Repairs Perth

Whether you have a virus, a computer that won’t start or if you just feel like your system is not running as fast as it could be, Qwerty IT Services can help.

Based in Oakbank, Perth we can provide support for computers, laptops and any other piece of technology. We cover everything from checkups to reloads and replacements.

All of our repairs are carried out at an affordable rate of £40/hour. We include free collection and drop off in with this service when required.

Virus Removal

If you have a virus on your computer it can cause a decrease in performance at the very least and at most it could mean that your personal information is at risk of damage or theft.

We can pinpoint and remove all viruses that are present on your system as well as put steps in place to prevent the same issues from occurring in the future.

Computer Service and Upgrades in Perth

If you live in Perth and your PC or laptop is under performing we can give it a full service in order to speed it up. In cases where your system is exceptionally slow we can also back up your data and restore the system to its factory settings making it as fast as when you first purchased it.

If you want to give it a little bit more of a boost we can also upgrade your existing PC or laptop – one of the most cost effective upgrades is the addition of a SSD (Solid State Drive) which can improve performance ten-fold.

Custom built PCs and laptops

For home computers we normally advise that the life expectancy of a PC or laptop is around 5 years. If the machine is used primarily for business purposes then we recommend a 3 year life-cycle.

We can provide custom built PCs and customized laptops at affordable prices in order to replace your old equipment with lightening fast cutting edge technology.

We always recommend the use of SSDs (Solid State Drives) in all of our new-builds as they offer a far greater performance over traditional hard drives whilst the cost difference is no longer substantial.

What our clients say

Below you can find just a small selection of testimonials from some of our retail customers.

We found Dave Silvester easy to work with and friendly, helpful and competent.

Mary & Andrew Dundas

This service was excellent. The person came to my house, assessed what the IT problem was with my email and attachments and fixed it quickly. I have had no problems  ever since.

A good reliable and bespoke service which I will definitely use again if required.

Shona Weir

Just a little note to thank you very much for the work carried out on our Computer We were very pleased with your prompt attention to this matter and hope that you will be of service to us if needed in the future Internet meantime working and we shall recommend you to our friends Thanks again Jim and Sheila Cooper.

Jim and Sheila Cooper

I can only thank, David not only his help but his thorough expertise of all computer maters relating to the issues I had with my computer. Not to mention the fact that he was always at the end of the phone for any follow up questions. I would have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending him to anyone.

Alfred A. Beattie

Excellent service, prompt responses, expert advice.

Athayde Tonhasca

I was impressed with the quiet, efficient and friendly manner in which David listened to the problems I was having with my Computer. After carefully examining the various options available David accepted my decision to purchase a new Computer (My current Unit was passed it’s best) and arranged for a new Computer to be purchased and set-up to my requirements, including the transfer of all pertinent information from the old machine.

Keith Smith