COVID-19: Zero Contact Repairs

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak and the UK-wide lock-down, we are providing a zero contact repair service to ensure the safety of our customers as well as providing peace of mind for anyone with concerns relating to COVID-19 and the risks involved with having your computer or laptop repaired during this time.

The key factor here is to provide the same reliable repair service whilst having zero contact with the customer. We can achieve this in a number of different ways depending on the type of repair that is required as well as the specific requirements of each individual customer.

In order to discuss how we can repair your computer whilst also taking into account your own personal requirements, use the contact options at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.

We have also outlined the most common scenarios in which we undertake repairs in the current climate.

Remote Consulting & Support via Zoom

Many of our customers are used to the face to face service that we typically provide. In order to replicate this as best as possible, whilst avoiding direct contact, we offer a remote consulting, IT support and repair service via the popular video conferencing app Zoom.

We can send our customers a Zoom meeting invite after which we can have a discussion over the Internet, with audio and video. This allows you to have a face to face conversation with us about the problems you are facing. This is ideal for complicated problems as we can often get much more information over a video call than is possible over a telephone conversation.

Remote Computer Access via Teamviewer

If there are issues with your computer or laptop we may need physical access to the device, in order to find and fix the problem. After a short conversation with you over phone or video call, we can normally establish roughly what problems you are facing as well as likely fix. If it is something that we can fix remotely, then we will suggest a remote access session.

We use a software application called Teamviewer to gain remote access to your computer.

Teamviewer can be installed in 5 minutes or so and don’t worry – we will talk you through the installation process step by step, so no technical knowledge is required.

Once Teamviewer is installed, you will be given an ID and password via the installed program. Once you share these details with us, we can log in to your computer remotely and see exactly what you can see on the screen.

Once we have gained access, we can also take control of the mouse and keyboard in order to find and fix any problems that you are facing with your computer or laptop.

There is no need to be concerned about security either – every time you restart your computer, Teamviewer generates a new and unique password. This prevents anyone from having persistent access to your computer. Access will only be possible on a one-off basis and only to the person that you have provided the latest unique password to.

Don’t worry about any hidden charges or big bills either. Our pricing for this type of remote support is the same transparent pricing in line with all of our other services. We provide remote support at an affordable hourly rate, we only charge you for the time we actually spend fixing the issue and we can also provide an estimated cost before undertaking any work.

Zero Contact Collection & Return Service

Sometimes there are problems that cannot be fixed remotely. Equally, there are some situations where you, as the customer, may prefer us to come and collect your computer, repair it at our workshop and then bring it back to you.

We are happy to do this and have a process in place for making this completely safe for everyone involved, thanks to our zero-contact collection and return service.

We can come out to your house and then arrange for the safe collection of your computer or laptop whilst avoiding any direct contact. The simplest way of doing this is for us to call you once we arrive at your property, at which time you can then place the computer on your doorstep. Once you have closed the door and gone back in to your house, when can then come over and collect the computer, avoiding any direct contact.

We will always pre-arrange this type of collection with you beforehand, so you know exactly how everything will work, and also so that you are expecting our visit.

In addition, we will also speak to you on arrival – via telephone or in-person but from a safe distance – and we can also leave our business card along with a receipt stating that we have taken a collection of your device.

Once we have your computer, we can take it back to our workshop in Oakbank, Perth where we can spend time fully diagnosing and repairing any problems that you have with the computer.

Once again, we will always call you and discuss our findings in detail, as well as the repairs that are required along with an estimated cost. We do this before any repairs are carried out and before any costs are incurred. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to decide whether a repair is cost-effective and affordable before going ahead.

Once we have finished the repair we will arrange for the return of your device. As with the collection, we will pre-arrange the return and discuss exactly how to achieve the safe return of your computer whilst avoiding any physical contact. Typically this would be the same as the collection procedure but in reverse – with us delivering the device to your doorstep, safely distancing ourselves from your door and then calling you so that you can come out and collect the computer.

Courier Service for Long Distance Repairs

We are happy to travel throughout the entirety of Perth and surrounding areas. We also travel to Kinross, Edinburgh, Linlithgow and Glasgow to carry out computer repairs.

However, in some situations where the distance is too great to make a call-out feasible, we can also arrange a collection and return service via courier.

We use Parcel Monkey for our courier services as they offer an affordable, and reliable, courier service.

Having your device collected and returned by courier typically adds around £20+VAT to the final cost of the repair. Of course, this would not be something that we recommend for any local repairs, but if you are based elsewhere in the UK or in a remote area that we cannot travel to, this courier repair service can be ideal.

We can also use this service in order to provide equipment such as new laptops and computers. This also allows us to fully configure new devices before sending them out to you, meaning that you only have to plug the device in at your end, to get things up and running.

Zero contact Payments

Regardless of the type of zero-contact service that we provide you with, there is always the issue of payment at the end of it. We have this covered as well. We can accept different forms of payment but the most popular, and preferable, is either a direct bank transfer or a debit or credit card payment.

We can accept credit or debit card payments over the phone and they can also be carried out securely via our website thanks to our integrated payment gateway provided by UK payment platform Stripe.

If you have any questions or concerns about our remote computer repair services, or you have any special requirements, please get in touch with us as we are always happy to discuss the options we offer. We also aim to make the experience as convenient as possible for all of our customers.

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