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Is your computer too slow? Do you have a virus? Or perhaps your PC or laptop simply won’t turn on. Whatever the problem is, we can get it fixed for you. We offer a local computer repair service in Perth, we have no call-out fee and low hourly rates. Give us a call for a no-obligation assessment of your problem and we will tell you over the phone what the best course of action is.

Slow Computer Performance

We can service your computer, remove unwanted programs and optimise startup items in order to dramatically improve performance.

Startup Problems

If your computer has an error when you turn it on, or won’t finish loading Windows, we can troubleshoot, diagnose and repair most errors.

Computer Reloading

If your computer or laptop is in a really bad way or won’t start up at all, sometimes its best to back up all of your important data and reinstall Windows. This gives your computer a new lease of life, gets it working again and often makes it faster.

Hardware Faults

If your computer won’t turn on at all, or it is over-heating or producing an audible error, we can find the cause and rectify the problem to get your device back in working order.

Affordable Pricing

We offer all of our services at an affordable rate and we try to be as transparent as possible, with all of our prices available on our website. If you are ever unhappy with any of our services we also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Affordable Rates

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive to offer complete satisfaction to our customers.

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