Printer Support

We can provide support and repair services for printers including:

  • Printer setup
  • Printer software troubleshooting
  • Printer and scanner configuration
  • Printer hardware troubleshooting
  • Advice on purchasing a new printer
  • Network printing configuration
  • Network scanning
  • Wireless printer setup
  • Apple Airprint support

Problems with Printer communication

When there are problems with communication between your computer and your printer this is often likely to be caused by a software issue. It could be that the printer drivers have become corrupt or it could be that another program, such as your antivirus program, is causing a conflict and preventing your printer from working.

Often software updates will also cause communication problems with printers.

In this case, we can troubleshoot the problem, finding the cause and then get the printer working again.

Problems with print quality

We often have customers who call us up when they are having problems with print quality. When there are print quality problems with home printers it is often caused by hardware issues.

One of the most common causes of printer quality issues is the drying up of the printer heads on the printer itself. This can be caused by age and it can also be caused by infrequent use. We normally advise customers to use their printer on a regular basis – at least once per week, to stop the printer heads from drying up which is a very common cause of problems with home inkjet printers.

Because home printers are so cheap now, it is often not economical to repair a printer when there are physical problems with the device. When you consider that a basic printer is around £29.00 and an all in one wireless printer, scanner and copier can be around £49.00 you can see that performing anything more than a very basic repair would not be cost-effective.

We are always happy to discuss your printer problems with you over the phone or in person, and we will always give our honest opinion as to whether or not the repair is worth carrying out before we undertake any work for you – that way you are not wasting any money on something that is not worth repairing.

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