Servicing and Upgrades

It is very common for computers to slow down over time.

Why do computers slow down?

  • Lots of programs have been installed throughout the life of the computer. Some of which will no longer be in use but are still taking up space.
  • Viruses are often a cause of a very slow computer.
  • Sometimes hardware issues can be the root cause of a slow computer.
  • Updates installed automatically by Microsoft often cause performance issues, especially if those updates have not been tested prior to installation.
  • Computers often slow down simply because the software installed on them is far more demanding than it was when the computer was first installed.

If your PC or laptop is performing slower than it used to, then we can give it a full service in order to speed it up. In cases where your system is exceptionally slow, we can also back up your data and restore the system to its factory settings making it as fast as when you first purchased it.

Give your computer a serious performance boost

If you want to really kick-start your computer in terms of its performance you can opt for a hardware upgrade.

In cases where computer performance is very important, but you are not ready to purchase a new computer we recommend installing a solid-state drive. A solid-state drive can improve the performance of your computer significantly and often it can make an older computer perform much faster than a brand new one.

Solid-state drives are available for both computers and laptops.

We are so confident in the performance improvements that a solid-state drive will bring that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

When is it not appropriate to service a computer?

Sometimes a computer is simply too old to be serviced or even to have its hardware upgraded. In these cases it may not be cost-effective to spend money upgrading the computer of the benefits are not going to be noticeable.

We generally use the CPU or computer processor as a good indicator of the overall performance of a computer and this can be used to determine whether or not a computer can perform significantly better after servicing or upgrading. If we believe that a computer will not benefit significantly from a service then we will let you know before we carry out the work as we wouldn’t want to sell you a product or service that would not provide you with good value for money.

In these cases, we would advise you to consider purchasing a new computer or we would help you to get the most from your existing computer whilst spending as little as possible; that way you have the option of purchasing a computer in the near future but without being under any pressure to do so.

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