Wi-Fi Installation

There are many factors that will dictate how well WiFi works within your house. Sometimes the WiFi signal can reach throughout the house without any problem whereas in other cases you cannot get a WiFi signal even when you are just next door to your wireless router.

We can help to set up a perfect wireless network that covers your entire house without any dead spots. We can also provide wireless (or wired) connectivity to particular locations within your household as required.

Using the latest mapping technology we are able to establish exactly where you have good and bad wireless signals and plan the wireless installation accordingly.

As it is often not possible to run physical cables within your home, we can also install power-line adapters that send the Internet signal around your house using the local power supply.

These adapters can be used on their own, as an alternative to WiFi, so that you can put a hard-wired internet connection anywhere in your house without actually running any new cables. Alternatively, the power-line adapters can be used in conjunction with Ubiquiti WiFi access points to provide you with full wireless coverage throughout your household.

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