Backup and Recovery

Having a solid backup plan in place is very important for any business that holds data. This could be emails, spreadsheets, documents as well as application data such as Sage accounts, customer relationship data and any other type of information that is held within a business.

Even in small businesses, backups need to be robust in order to safeguard your data against the latest cyber threats. Some of the latest viruses are capable of finding and encrypting your backup devices in order to render them useless.

We have developed comprehensive backup solutions that safeguard your data against these and other types of attacks.

Key Backup Considerations

  • Assessing what data needs to be backed up
  • Assessing how often data changes
  • Implementing local backups for fast restore
  • Implementing offsite backups to safeguard against local disaster
  • Producing disaster recovery documentation
  • Regular testing of backups and associated procedures

Local Backups

We use Duplicati in order to schedule local backups to an on-site storage device such as an external hard drive or another computer on the network. This means you have a regular backup that runs automatically on an agreed schedule taking away the requirement for someone to run the backups manually (A task that often gets forgotten).

With local backups we also implement a cold storage replication which safeguards your data against attacks such as cryptolocker aimed at infecting your data and its associated backups.

Local backups can also be stored across multiple external drives, rotated on a daily basis, which again helps to protect against malicious attacks.

We also introduce archiving of backups using Duplicati software so that you will always have multiple copies of your data at any given point in time. Typically it is a good idea for small businesses to keep at least 7 days worth of backups and thanks to incremental storage this does not mean having a backup drive 7 times as big as your total data size.

Cloud Backup for Individual Computers

We use Livedrive to automatically back up your data to the cloud. Livedrive store the backups in their UK based data centre using the highest standard of security, compliant with UK and EU data laws (Including GDPR).

Livedrive software is installed on all of your computers and once configured by us, it will automatically back up all of your important files as soon as it detects any changes. Livedrive automatically stores unlimited revisions of each file so that a file or folder can be restored to the required point in time, in the case of system failure or simple user error.

Backup Assist for Server Backup

We use Backup Assist for comprehensive offsite backup of client-server environments. This allows us to back up all of the business critical data from a central location. Backup assist comes with advanced features including cloud backup and professional backup archiving (Allowing you to keep up to 12 months of history for each file).

Two Backups are Better than One

We recommend using at least two of the above backup options in order to fully safeguard your data. A local backup provides a very fast means of restoring your files in the event of a system failure or user error. Cloud based storage provides an additional layer of redundancy for your data and also means you can restore everything from the cloud in the event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood.

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