Cloud Stack

Thanks to advancements in technology and super-fast broadband becoming a standard offering many companies are moving away from server-based networks and opting instead for cloud-based solutions.

This is ideal if you are a small business leveraging modern technologies or if your staff operate independently without a central office location.

We can design and implement fully cloud-based computer networks that remove the need for any centralised computer storage and instead leverage the latest online technologies.

Cloud Data Storage

We recommend Microsoft office 365 SharePoint with OneDrive sync for cloud data storage. This allows your company to leverage the security and performance of Microsoft infrastructure and software, with a low monthly cost. It also allows all staff to have access to company data from any location.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Although you may have concerns about storing your data in the cloud, there are many security advantages to this.

With Microsoft office 365 your company can benefit from the latest security measures including multi-factor authentication and security auditing. In addition to these features, your data is being stored in an enterprise environment, fully managed by Microsoft using the latest security best practices.

Restricting Data Access

If your company requires different access levels for certain departments or members of staff, this can easily be set up via SharePoint. We can configure permissions to your exact requirements so that you are in control of who has access to your company data.

Cloud Backups

Although Microsoft does have basic backup facilities in place as standard, we recommend configuring external backups via Skykick. Skykick offer multiple daily offsite backups of all the data stored in Office 365. This includes your files and emails. Skykick also provide unlimited retention for your data so that a restore is possible even if a file has been deleted some time ago.

Cloud-Based Email

Microsoft office 365 also provides cloud based email services using their Exchange Online platform. With this service your company can benefit from an enterprise email system that includes 50GB mailbox storage per user, deleted item recovery, service level agreement, out of office assistant and many other features.

Flexible Pricing

All of our services can be provided on an ad-hoc basis with a fixed hourly rate or an unlimited contract basis with a fixed monthly fee per device.


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