We provide VOIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems at an affordable monthly rate. Our VOIP systems allow you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. This means that you do not need a landline but instead you can route all of your calls over your existing Internet connection.

There are many advantages of this system but the most important ones are concerning flexibility and functionality. Having a VOIP system in place means that you can make and receive phone calls using your business phone number from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. You also have the option to make and receive calls via your computer, via a deskphone or via your mobile.

Call Routing

With our VOIP systems it is easy to route calls wherever you need to answer them. For example you might want to have calls automatically routed to your mobile every weekend. With VOIP this is possible and easy to configure.

We also have many other features available including hunt groups, voicemail to email, call recording and IVR menus.

Email and Telephone Support

We provide support via email and telephone for our VOIP systems so any changes that you want to make you can simply call us and we will get it updated for you.

If you prefer to do things yourself, our VOIP system also comes with a full self-service portal so that you can easily make changes by yourself, if you prefer doing it that way.

To find our more about our VOIP service (QComms) visit our dedicated VOIP website.

Flexible Pricing

All of our services can be provided on an ad-hoc basis with a fixed hourly rate or an unlimited contract basis with a fixed monthly fee per device.


Pay for our help when you need it at an affordable hourly rate.

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Get unlimited remote and onsite support at a fixed rate per month.

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