Branding & Design

We can base the website design around your existing logo as well as your brand guidelines if you have these. If you don’t have these things in place already, then we can create them as part of the website design project.

We can even have your logo professionally recreated in vector format so that it can be scaled up whilst preserving the full quality of the logo before we add it to the website.

This attention to detail when it comes to your brand is very beneficial for your website as it helps your site to stand out from the crowd and it also makes a uniform experience for your visits as they navigate throughout your website.

Design & Styling

The design of your website not only helps to grab the attention of your visitors but also helps to make the information available on your website easy to digest. In addition, if you have set goals for your website, such as lead generation, the design can help to lead visitors towards those goals.

First of all, we will work with you to produce a structural design for the website that ties in with your existing logo, branding and accurately represents your company.

The structural design typically includes the colour scheme of the website, the layout of key areas such as the header, navigation and content blocks. This becomes the framework for your website and these design elements will be the same throughout the website which helps to enforce your brand message and make the visitor feel “at home” as they navigate through your site.

As we start to add content to the website, we also work on the styling of each individual page. This includes the content layout in terms of paragraphs, headings and calls to action as well as fonts and multimedia such as photos and videos.

It is the attention to detail that really helps to showcase the content that your website has to offer and this is how we can take your visitors through a journey from discovering what you have to offer, to becoming a customer.

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Our web development services are affordably priced. We have a range of options and packages when it comes to website design and we also provide general website updates and maintenance at an affordable hourly rate.

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