New Computers and Laptops

We recommend replacing your home computer once every 5 years. Your computer or laptop may last longer than this, but over a long period of time computers tend to slow down, due to the fact that the software installed on them (Such as Microsoft Windows) is constantly being updated and thus becomes more and more demanding on the computer’s hardware.

If your computer is still working well and it is over 5 years old then there is no problem with keeping it for as long as it works. However, the only thing we would suggest in this case is that you take a regular backup of your data, otherwise it may fail one day and you could lose any data that is not backed up.

New computer and laptop service

We offer a full-service package for new computers and laptops which includes the following:

  • Sourcing the most suitable computer based on your requirements and budget
  • Purchasing the computer or laptop on your behalf
  • Performing pre-setup including un-boxing and any required customization
  • Delivery and setup at your house
  • Migration of all data and configuration from your existing computer
  • Migration of applications where possible
  • Printer and other device setup
  • Help with using your new computer
  • Aftercare service for any issues or questions you have following the install

We offer full transparency when helping you to purchase and install a new computer and as such we will show you the direct link to the supplier website for the computer(s) that we recommend. We will also provide full details of any optional extras such as monitors and software as well as a transparent pricing structure for the cost of us purchasing and installing the computer. This way you know exactly what you are paying for.

As part of our service, we can also offer several different options to suit your budget.

Custom built computers

In some cases, an “off the shelf” computer may not be suitable. For example, you might have some very specific, or demanding, requirements. In these cases, we offer a custom computer building service where we can source all of the individual components for your computer and build it from scratch.

Once again we can offer a fully transparent pricing structure for this service and we can build a custom computer to any specification that you require.

Please refer to our pricing page, or contact us for more information.

Affordable Pricing

We offer all of our services at an affordable rate and we try to be as transparent as possible, with all of our prices available on our website. If you are ever unhappy with any of our services we also offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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