SSD Upgrades

What is an SSD?

An SSD is a type of hard drive (The piece of hardware inside your PC that stores all of your data). SSD stands for Solid State Drive and it is very similar to the small USB drives that you have probably seen people carrying around and plugging into their computer.

The difference with an SSD hard drive is that it fits inside of your PC and it replaces the original SATA hard drive that came with your computer.

Why are SSD drives faster?

SSD drives are typically around 10 times faster than standard SATA hard drives and this is because they don’t have any moving parts.

In a traditional hard drive, there is a spinning disk that contains all of your data and a metal arm that reads each byte of data when it is requested by the computer. The data could be anywhere on the spinning disk and so for every byte of data the disk has to spin round to the correct location and then the arm has to move in and out of the disk to read that byte. All of this takes a surprising amount of time, even though most disks spin at a rate between 5400 and 7200 rotations per minute.

With an SSD drive, there are no moving parts, the data is all stored on a single computer chip or circuit board and as such, each byte of data can be accessed much more quickly.

Will this really speed up my computer?

Yes, it will definitely speed up your computer. The main components that dictate the speed of your computer are the CPU, RAM and hard drive. Out of those 3 components the hard drive is nearly always the weak point in the chain. Because of this, upgrading to an SSD drive can make even the slowest of computers much faster. Even when you have an old PC with a slower CPU and a small amount of RAM upgrading to an SSD can still make a considerable improvement.

What about my existing data?

You don’t need to worry about your existing data because if you order your SSD upgrade from Qwerty IT Services Ltd we will use some software called Acronis True Image which takes a complete copy of your entire hard drive including all of your data, your programs and your settings. We can then take that copy and place it on the new SSD drive.

This results in the SSD being identical in every way to your original hard drive and means that nothing at all will change on your computer – other than the speed and performance.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends mainly on the size of your existing hard drive and the amount of data that you have on it. The more data you have, the bigger the SSD drive you will need. Visit our pricing guide to find out more about the cost of upgrading to an SSD drive.

SSD Case Study: Stuart Cairns

We upgraded Stuarts computer from a traditional spinning disk drive to a solid state drive and this resulted in the boot up time for the computer being cut almost in half.

Watch the video comparison showing the boot up time before and after the upgrade

Read what Stuart had to say about the upgrade

I tried the machine tonight and it’s clearly muck quicker. The software starts up a lot quicker and seems a bit more responsive too. All other things I tried no longer had the pause from before so it’s really good.

Stuart Cairns

SSD Case Study #2: Helen Duncan

We upgraded Helen Duncans laptop from a 5400 RPM spinning disk drive to a solid state drive and this resulted in a 27% improvement in boot up time as well as making the laptop much faster to use in terms of opening and running programs, accessing data and browsing the internet.

Watch the video comparison of Helen’s laptop before and after the upgrade

Read what Helen had to say about the upgrade

Hi would just like to say a big thankyou. Have had the upgrade done that I won recently and am very happy with the results.

Helen Duncan
What our clients say

Below you can find just a small selection of testimonials from some of our retail customers.

I was very happy with the work done by David at Qwertyitservices in setting up my new laptop. Would certainly recommend to anyone.

Jill Rennie

Fantastic service every time. Would highly recommend David at QWERTY IT.


Responded quickly to my call to set up a new Printer. Can highly recommend.

Loraine Graham

When our ELDERLY computer would not start we decided to contact Qwerty IT Services in the hope that it could be saved and all its files. The fact that David would come to the house was a bonus. David responded quickly and was so pleasant and friendly, explaining what was needing done in a way we could understand without being patronising.

Our elderly computer is now up and running but we know that it is on borrowed time so we are now working with David to have a new computer built to our own specifications.

Excellent service from start to finish.

P & R Gibb

I would certainly recommend QWERTY IT to anyone needing technical help. I received a prompt First Class Service by a most pleasant and efficient young man.

Gina Moir

Excellent service from Dave, Quick response, friendly and careful consultation, and problem sorted. Would definitely recommend.

Duncan Helm

Have used David to fix various problems and install hardware on many occasions and found him to be excellent and very knowledgeable,does not talk down to those less PC savvy.

Peter Campbell

Excellent service, prompt responses, expert advice.

Athayde Tonhasca

Highly recommend Dave’s services. We had him replace the power supply on our PC and upgrade the hard drive in a new laptop. He was very efficient, clear about the process and price.

J Fry

Just a little note to thank you very much for the work carried out on our Computer We were very pleased with your prompt attention to this matter and hope that you will be of service to us if needed in the future Internet meantime working and we shall recommend you to our friends Thanks again Jim and Sheila Cooper.

Jim and Sheila Cooper

I tried the machine tonight and it’s clearly muck quicker. The software starts up a lot quicker and seems a bit more responsive too. All other things I tried no longer had the pause from before so it’s really good.

Stuart Cairns

I was impressed by your service. You gave a speedy response to my call identified the issues I had and resolved them quickly and professionally.

I would have no hesitation in contacting you again should I need to. Your phone number is pinned up above my Laptop!!!!

Maggie Younger

Any problem with my computer Is always solved and corrected.

Speedy and without any haggle.

Elmars Miezis

I can only thank, David not only his help but his thorough expertise of all computer maters relating to the issues I had with my computer. Not to mention the fact that he was always at the end of the phone for any follow up questions. I would have no hesitation whatsoever, in recommending him to anyone.

Alfred A. Beattie

Dave was extremely helpful and informative when we decided to purchase a new PC. He gave us options to select from and we ordered and received the computer within a week. Dave copied all info from our previous computer and gave us help using our new one.


Thank you for your prompt attention re setting up my wi fi printer to my I pad .
Also for finding and downloading Documents which enables me to type up my short stories and poetry .
Although these are simple tasks for you it was too much of a task for this non technical pensioner .
I will certainly have no hesitation in calling on your help in future should I need it .
Thank you .

Lorna Easton

This service was excellent. The person came to my house, assessed what the IT problem was with my email and attachments and fixed it quickly. I have had no problems ever since.

A good reliable and bespoke service which I will definitely use again if required.

Shona Weir

I’m delighted with the prompt and efficient service Dave provided.
He did a first class job of upgrading my iMac and took time and patience to answer my questions, no matter how basic!
We’re very fortunate to have a locally based company like QwertyIT in our area.
I can thoroughly recommend them.

Jane Paterson

I’m absolutely delighted with the work Qwertyit did for me recently. It was a tricky job involving the replacement of a cracked screen.
Dave was extremely helpful and professional and I would definitely use them again.
Excellent value from a locally based company who put personal service first.
Thank you!

Jane Paterson

We are delighted with the speedy, efficient service you gave us in setting up our home wifi. We cannot recommend you too highly and will certainly use your business for future assistance. For older people who have not grown up with IT we found it a comfort to know we have someone we can turn to when problems arise or if we require advice.

Moira Brock

Would highly recommend David for his service


Hi would just like to say a big thankyou. Have had the upgrade done that I won recently and am very happy with the results.

Helen Duncan

David of Qwerty IT Services gives a very prompt and professional service at reasonable prices. I would recommend this company 100%.

Jill Rennie

Thanks for both the advice and the photo info. And once again your 24hrs turn-a-round. Problem solved. I certainly am reassured to know that someone who REALLY knows what they are talking about. And will be passing on your contact details to anyone I find in need of professional computer services.

Alastair Tyrie

We found Dave Silvester easy to work with and friendly, helpful and competent.

Mary & Andrew Dundas

I was impressed with the quiet, efficient and friendly manner in which David listened to the problems I was having with my Computer. After carefully examining the various options available David accepted my decision to purchase a new Computer (My current Unit was passed it’s best) and arranged for a new Computer to be purchased and set-up to my requirements, including the transfer of all pertinent information from the old machine.

Keith Smith

Thank you so much for your help in solving our computer problems. It is a pleasure to recommend your efficiency and helpfulness. Two ‘oldies’ are so grateful that we now have somebody to consult to sort out our computer problems. Thank you!

Karl and Audrey Prakel
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