Data Recovery

If you have deleted or lost important data from a workstation, laptop or server, we can help to recover it. There are varying degrees of complexity when it comes to data recovery but we can help with most scenarios.

Business data recovery can be a complex task, but regardless of the application or storage medium – from exchange mailboxes through to SharePoint data, we can assist with the recovery process.

Deleted file and email recovery

When it comes to deleted files or emails we can normally restore the lost data with relative ease. In some client-server scenarios, deleted data will not go into the users recycle bin. However, we can still restore this lost data via the server and the volume shadow copy backups – these are often intact even when no intentional backup has been put in place.

Emails can often be restored from the deleted items folder and in cases where they are no longer present in there, they can be restored from the “recover deleted items” facility if it is an enterprise mailbox, or from the PST or OST storage file itself, using advanced recovery methods.

In cases where you have an exchange based email storage environment, there are retention periods in place as standard, meaning that emails and entire mailboxes can be restored with relative ease.

Operating system corruption

In some cases the operating system may have become corrupted – this can sometimes occur following an update or if the machine has been shut down incorrectly (For example as the result of a power cut). This can happen with both client operating systems such as Windows 10 as well as server operating systems such as server 2019.

In these cases, we can often remove the hard drive from your computer or server and perform data recovery using our dedicated recovery machines. In cases where there is severe corruption, we can often repair the operating system and drive corruption before restoring your data.

Forensic data recovery

In extreme cases where your computer, laptop or phone has suffered from a physical hardware failure, or data has become severely corrupted, there may be a need to send the drive off for forensic recovery.

This involves taking the storage medium to pieces in a “clean-room” environment where it can be examined and repaired. In some cases, failed components can also be replaced in order to help with data retrieval.

Moving on from data loss

In most cases, we can successfully retrieve lost or damaged data from your IT system but in some cases, you may not be able to retrieve your data, especially if it has been corrupted, damaged or deliberately deleted.

Moving on from a data loss scenario, regardless of whether or not you managed to retrieve the lost data successfully, it is important to implement a backup and disaster recovery procedure going forward.

We can help you to set up a tried and tested backup and recovery plan so that you can avoid any data loss in the future. Find out more information about our backup and disaster recovery services here.

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