On Premise

We offer a range of on premise network solutions from sharing via a simple client workgroups to client-server networks.

Client Workgroups

Client workgroups offer a simple way of sharing data between 2-3 computers without the need for any expensive equipment. This type of system is ideal for small businesses that currently have no way of sharing data.

The big advantage to this type of system is that it can be very easily implemented to your existing network – if you already have 2-3 computers in your office and they are connected to the internet, then data can be shared between them with this solution.

In order to protect the data on your computer system, we offer a backup solution specifically for this type of setup. This backup solution provides a combination of local backup to USB drive combined with an automatic cloud backup that runs independently from each computer on the network. We also implement a cold backup storage feature to protect against the latest strain of crypto-locker style viruses that can search for, and encrypt, data on any networked computer.

Client Server Workgroups

Our client-server workgroups are ideal for small businesses with up to 10 computers and those who are working from a central office location.

We use the latest Lenovo hardware, backed by a 3-year pro onsite manufacturer warranty and Microsoft Windows 10 Professional to provide an affordable server solution. This server can handle concurrent connections from up to 10 workstations and allows for centralised sharing of company data as well as the ability to network database-driven programs such as Sage or Quickbooks.

Offsite Backups

The big advantage of this type of installation compared to a server-less workgroup is the ability to centrally control the backup of data. Because all of the data is stored on a central server it is much easier to back up that data to both on-site backup media and offsite cloud storage. This includes company shared data as well as individual staff documents, pictures and desktop files thanks to roaming profile technology.

We use Backup Assist to implement a comprehensive backup strategy with multiple backup sets, extensive revision history and automated email reporting to ensure that data is backed up regularly and successfully. Our backup strategies are developed specifically to safeguard against event the nastiest crypto locker style viruses that attempt to destroy data and backup sets.

For companies with staff working from home or other distributed working environments take a look at our small business cloud solutions.

Client Server Networks

Our client-server networks are ideal for companies with 10+ computers. We use the latest Dell hardware and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 to design and deploy a robust network infrastructure that allows you full control over your IT system and central management of your data.

Staff Access Management

With a client-server network, it is possible to regulate system access down to the individual file level, creating permission groups for staff in different departments and restricting administrative access where necessary.

This is ideal for companies who wish to restrict access to sensitive data but it also provides a great security benefit because it restricts the amount of data that is accessible from any individual machine in case of that machine becoming compromised.

Centralised Backup Management

We use a combination of Veeam Backup & replication Suite and Backup Assist to ensure your data is covered by a comprehensive backup strategy. Using scheduled backups to both local media and offsite cloud storage ensures that your data is safe from any type of problem including natural disaster (such as fire or flooding), Infection from viruses, ransomware (Such as crypto locker and related strains) and user error.

All of our backup solutions come with extensive revision history as standard, so even if file corruption goes unnoticed we can restore previous versions of files dating back weeks, months or even years depending on your requirements.

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